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Your data has the power to work hard for you. But many businesses are stuck in outdated database architectures with poorly designed and deployed database management systems (DBMS) that slow them down. Ignasoft experts will help you identify the right database architecture and database management systems for your needs. We not only optimize the database system as well will clean the database Whether you’re on-premises or moving to the cloud, we’ll help you maximize the value of your database solutions and unlock the benefits of data — so you can deliver better customer experiences, security, revenue opportunities and business agility.

Ignasoft will not stick to analyzing only a single type of database. Instead, we will be focusing on the concepts and principles involved in resolving the related queries.

Data Consistency
Without using shared storage, can traditional RDBMS (such as Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL and so on) achieve zero data loss in case of a master database failure?

Partition Availability
How can we ensure the systematic and continuous availability for databases with multiple replicas in case of various problems?

Will RDBMS, without using shared storage, compromise performance for ensuring data consistency between multiple replicas? How can we minimize the compromised performance?